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Happy March, friends! Fête Weddings’ free March calendar downloads are now available. Download this fun calendar to your mobile device, iPad or desktop to pretty up your screen and to give you a quick reference while planning your wedding! To download, simply right click on the links below.

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In addition to providing you with this calendar, we also want to share a wedding planning tip with you! Last month’s tip focused on taking time out for yourself during the planning process (see blog post here) – stepping away from the wedding to have some fun with friends and family during the month of love. We know that a break is a great way to reenergize. And as long as you have a good game plan in place, you will not fall behind on planning.

To organize a successful wedding game plan, you need to:

1. Decide how much you can afford to spend.

2. Decide who you are inviting.

3. Discuss what style and format you want for your wedding.

Sounds simple, right? If we had a penny for every time we hear – “we never realized how stressful and difficult it was to plan a wedding” – we would be millionaires!

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It is not that you aren’t capable of performing the tasks required to plan your own wedding.  It’s that wedding planning is a full-time job.  You have a busy schedule – you work full-time, you have a social life, you also may be working on buying a house, finishing grad school or the like. Add on the 1 million tasks you need to complete to pull off the wedding of your dreams and you may be feeling a bit (or very!) overwhelmed. We completely understand when you come to us with anxiety driven emotions. After all, we do this as our full-time jobs and have produced over 100 weddings and events.

This is why we always recommend that the first step of your game plan is to a hire a wedding planner and designer or at least consult with one.

Sometimes, wedding planners carry negative stereotypes, but just like weddings have changed over the years so have wedding planners. Think of a wedding planner like a financial and design consultant. Let’s be honest…weddings are a big expense that people choose to pay for. And if you have never planned a wedding before, then you need someone to advise you on cost, decor and logistics. We don’t sell products. We provide services that help you spend your wedding budget wisely, provide and manage the process and creatively collaborate with wedding vendors to make your vision a reality.

Event design isn’t just about having good taste, style or the ability to pull the vision together. Yes, all those things are very important, but to keep focused on this wedding planning tip topic, it is also about leading and managing a team. A team of creative people with a lot of beautiful products that know you have a budget to spend. That my friends, take a lot of time, patience, knowledge, resources and focus so your wedding day dreams come true.

We want your planning process and wedding day to go smoothly, plus look gorgeous!  The wedding vendors do as well, but someone must lead and manage your wedding planning. That could be you, your mom, your friend or us!  But what’s your plan for planning your wedding?

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We have a plan and process to design and execute weddings. We also can help you put together a wedding plan for planning your wedding.

Fête Weddings offers a variety of services from wedding planning to wedding consulting, event design and more! To learn more, just shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 804-225-5574.

We would love to help you start off on the right foot now instead of down the road when you are stressed. Relief is here. We are here.

xoxo, The Fête Ladies

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